Sperry Van Ness / Infinity Commercial Group’s primary goal is to find solutions to challenges our clients face in an ever-changing world. Our aim is to find the shortest distance and least painful path to the vision of their wants, needs and desires. Sperry Van Ness / Infinity Commercial Group specialize in Tenant/Buyer Representation, Sales and Leasing, Investment Property and 1031 Exchanges, and Build to Suit.

Tenant/Buyer Representation

Sperry Van Ness / Infinity Commercial Group exclusively represent tenants and buyers in search of a commercial facility to lease or purchase. This could be an office building, industrial facility, retail location or land on which to build. This allows the client the time to tend to the business he/she knows best while a professional is searching and negotiating the best terms and conditions to enhance the goals of the client’s business. In a Tenant/Buyer Representation arrangement, the commission is paid by the Landlord/Seller.

Sales and Leasing

Sperry Van Ness / Infinity Commercial Group contracts to be the exclusive listing company for any commercial building or land an owner desires to sell or lease. We subscribe to various venues that allow us to efficiently run comparable market analysis, search out buyers or tenants and advertise within the brokerage community. On the leasing side we are also able to work with Landlords in securing existing leases and renegotiating upon renewals.

Investment Property and 1031 Exchanges

Sperry Van Ness / Infinity Commercial Group represent investors in the research and/or purchase of commercial real estate. This could be a company that wants to purchase a building in which it will occupy solely, it may be a multi-tenant building, or a single investor or group of investors who are purchasing solely for the purpose of the investment and net operating income.

When one commercial property is sold, the seller may want to re-invest the proceeds from the sale into the purchase of another commercial piece of property to defer the payment of capital gains taxes. We at Sperry Van Ness / Infinity Commercial Group will manage the process of this 1031 Exchange from beginning to end.

Build to Suit

Sperry Van Ness / Infinity Commercial Group represent clients in finding land to purchase and are responsible for managing the construction process.


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