5 Tips to Perfect the Fast Pitch by Diane Danielson
5 Tips to Perfect the Fast Pitch by Diane Danielson

Delivering Your Fast Pitch

When meeting potential clients you only have a small amount of time to both tell them your services, and impress their socks off. Diane Danielson, Chief Operating Officer of SVN, wrote an excellent article (below) on how to deliver your message when you don’t have a lot of time. In her article she provides great tips on how to develop your “fast pitch,” so you can make the best possible impression on your audience. If you’re looking for a way to improve your pitch, as a commercial real estate broker or any other professional, take a look at the following excerpt from Diane’s blog post:

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Tips for Pitching the #SVNDifference

Tips to improving your fast pitch

Diane Danielson

Now, 45 seconds sounds like a very short time, but it’s still enough to convey a wealth of information. Out of the 20 presentations we saw, a couple of them stood out, not necessarily because their apps and technology were relevant to SVN, in fact most of them were not, but they had perfected their fast-pitch presentations.*

As Commercial Real Estate Advisors, we aren’t pitching new business tools to clients, but we are pitching our services and systems and often within short timeframes. In any presentation, we have only the first few seconds to make a good impression and explain the #SVNDifference.

Here are a few helpful hints for delivering your pitch to clients in 45 seconds or less:

  1. Analogies work. If you are trying to introduce something new and different, then you need to give people a baseline. This is why Hollywood pitches always start out as it’s “Jaws meets Twister” or “Harry meets Sally online.”

SVN Advisor Tip: Be able to describe how you can organize greater demand for a property in words and/or analogies that your clients will understand.

  1. Tell stories. If you want people to remember you, your service, or your product, tell a story about it. Here are six rules for great storytelling. And, yes, a good presenter can tell an entire story within 45 seconds.

SVN Advisor Tip: Is there a story that demonstrates how your firm has used our Open Sales Call to create greater demand and/or to sell a property faster?

  1. Differentiate from the competition. Use your stories to illustrate how your service differs from the competition.

SVN Advisor Tip: This is why you need to perfect your #SVNDifference pitch! ….

Tips for perfecting your fast pitch
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I can’t blame you if you want to read the rest of her article, to do so please click the link above. Thanks for reading, and if you have any tips of your own, about perfecting a fast pitch, we would love to see them. Please write them in the comment section below.

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