Buying Retail Space vs. Leasing: Which Is Better?
Buying Retail Space vs. Leasing: Which Is Better?

As commercial real estate brokers we get asked this question a lot, and no one ever likes the short answer: It depends. Commercial real estate, whether it be retail or industrial, is an investment and, as such, is very situational. On any given transaction there will be certain advantages to buying retail space or certain advantages to leasing. A lot of it depends on whether you are a new or established business and how much control you want. Below we outline the advantages to each side of the retail CRE coin and help answer, in long form, “Should I lease or buy retail space?”

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Buying Retail Space: Pros

Long-term Investment

leasing or buying retail spaceA main advantage for buying retail is that you continually make profit over time. Over the course of your investment the cost savings materialized are greater with buying than leasing. These include tax savings through various deductions, value realized through property appreciation and the ability to provide an income source to pay down the mortgage.

The Best Landlord

When you own your retail space you do indeed have the best landlord…you! A major benefit of buying vs. leasing is control. When you own your retail asset you do not need permission to make decisions for your property. You get to control who uses your property (tenants), how it is used, what changes or renovations should be done…anything that has to do with the property. You own it, you decide.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

While some want more flexibility (see lease), retail businesses that have found the perfect location, that provides high daily traffic and perfect demographics, want the opposite…they want to stay forever. Anyone who has ever leased space knows that great locations equal higher rents and higher competition. Being able to stay put, and hopefully getting in before the market value increases, is a huge financial advantage. 

Leasing Retail Space: Pros

Keep Your Cash

buying or leasing spaceOne of the primary benefits of leasing retail space is cash flow. That means no huge down payment eating into your budget. The typical cash expenses at the start of a lease are security deposit and first/last months rent, leaving more room for core business costs. If you are just starting a business and don’t have a lot of liquidity, leasing will always be your better option.

If It Breaks, Don’t Fix It

In most leases the tenant is not responsible for maintaining the property, or repairs for all of the things that invariably break and need fixing. If the AC in your retail space breaks, call the Property Manager. Way more fun than calling a repairman and footing the bill, right? From exterior to interior, not being financially obligated for most of your space upkeep takes a lot of strain off of your business.

Let’s Get Flexible

Flexibility is by far the largest benefit to leasing retail space. With a lease you don’t have not put a ring on it, and therefore can be super responsive to your other business needs. If you realize you need more space, or less space, you can get it. If you realize your location is not producing the traffic you were hoping for, you can find one that does. If new retail space has since been constructed, you can lease there. The CRE world is your oyster.

Need Help Deciding?

Still unsure of which way is right for you? Or, are you ready to make a decision but need to find the perfect space? Good thing we know a thing or two about leasing and buying retail space in and around Baton Rouge. We have a great team that likes to work hard and would love to talk to you, contact us today…

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