Commercial Broker Advice: Use an App to Track Your Mileage
Commercial Broker Advice: Use an App to Track Your Mileage

Tracking Mileage Ain’t Fun!

track your mileageThere are many perks to working in the commercial real estate industry. The flexibility of making your own schedule, and the ability to earn as much income as possible are definitely worth the inherent difficulties of being an independent contractor.

One of the things that can easily become the bane of your existence as an independent contractor is keeping track of expenses for your taxes. One of the most difficult things I have to keep track of is the mileage I put on my car.

When I first started in this industry, I got plenty of commercial broker advice from people in the industry. They told me to go to an office supply store and get a log book. You see this is a good idea, and has been the go-to for so long. There’s one inherent downside to these log books though….You have to remember to do it.

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My Commercial Broker Advice for You Is to Use MileIQ

In an industry where you always have 100 things on your mind, the last thing you think of is writing down your mileage for a trip. This is where MileIQ by Mobile Data Labs is a life saver. Gone are the days of hunting for a pen and resetting you trip meter.

Here’s why:

  • MileIQ is available for iOS and Android devices.
  • MileIQ takes the whole process and completely automates it.
  • MileIQ is easy to use. Swipe left for a personal trip, and right for a business trip.
  • MileIQ provides convenient reporting. At the end of each month you can have the log of your drives emailed to you in PDF or CSV format.
  • MileIQ only costs $5.99 per month. This might sound expensive, but when you factor in that you will no longer have to keep up with a log book, or try to remember where you drove, it definitely is worthwhile.

Things to keep in mind…

  • MileIQ must constantly run in the background using location services definitely bringing up the concern of battery life on your phone.
  • MileIQ is a third party app that keeps track of your location. This probably won’t bother you unless you are the President or Beyonce, but just throwing it out there. 

If you don’t want to commit MileIQ will give you 40 drives for free to try it out. Give it a try! Hopefully my personal commercial broker advice can help make your tax season a little less complicated. If you  have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me below. 

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