Considering changing CRE brokerage companies? Yikes, that’s a scary thought!
Considering changing CRE brokerage companies? Yikes, that’s a scary thought!

Should You Change Brokerage Companies?

Jerry Anderson, CCIM, Managing Director of SVN/Florida Commercial Real Estate Advisors, did a great job exploring this topic in his recent post on the SVN Florida blog. He doesn’t simply give a straight-up answer telling all his readers exactly what they should do with their brokerage business. Rather, he presents the questions that should be asked by those who are determining the future of their brokerage companies. He leads his readers to evaluate themselves, by asking them to evaluate their own performance, professional goals, where they see themselves 30 years in the future and other important questions. Based on that information, he gives direction on what brokers should consider.

His blog post is very warm, heartfelt, insightful and has received a good bit of publicity online. This is definitely worth sharing, and I encourage you to see what he’s said in the excerpt below!

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Considering changing CRE brokerage companies? Yikes, that’s a scary thought!

They are the questions that most of us have been debating over since the start of our professional careers. Will I achieve greater success working under the umbrella of a large corporate or publicly owned brokerage firm, franchise or licensed brand? Can I improve my career opportunities by moving from one firm to another? Is there more value in opening my own brokerage under a “boutique” name?

Your brokerage’s name versus your success

Questions for evolving CRE brokerage companies. On one hand, the brand recognition value of a larger commercial real estate firm, especially if a global or national player, cannot be understated. You have immediate recognition as a real estate professional when you use the name of the recognized brokerage firm, whereas the boutique brokerage name most likely will not open doors for you.

Of course, individual effort and accountability factors are often overshadowed when tied to the name brand. One might argue that the advantage of agility and quick decision-making is on the side of the boutique entrepreneurial brokerage owner and the reputation he or she has built.

In most cases a real estate salesperson starts a career at a brokerage firm. Some have more structured training programs than others, but usually some form of shadowing or working with more veteran agents takes place. The continued longevity and success of a number of training/coaching companies catering to CRE agents indicates that training is not available in most companies. In Florida you must be a sales associate for a minimum of ….



commercial real estate advisor bio


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