CRE Marketing in the Digital Era
CRE Marketing in the Digital Era

The roots of modern day marketing can be traced to places like the Athenian Agora in Ancient Greece where retail traders carefully laid out their wares and used verbal persuasion to increase sales volume.   It seems fitting that a culture perhaps most well-known for its development of philosophy and the study of human interaction would also be one of the first to incorporate arts and science into commerce.  Thousands of years later much has changed, yet the basic principles of sales still apply, particularly within the realm of commercial real estate brokerage. Quality CRE marketing is of utmost importance for those who want their commercial listings to be found.

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How Will Your Listing Likely Be Found?

CRE Marketing in modern days.Signs still play an important role in the commercial real estate marketing process and should be used as strategically as possible in order to maximize their effectiveness, but let’s face it: the vast majority of prospects are not driving around looking for real estate anymore; they are looking for it online.  The higher a listings online presence is, the more likely it is to reach its target audience, and the more polished and informative your marketing materials are the more likely clicks will be converted into showings.

Quality CRE Marketing Materials Are Essential!

The quality of a listing’s marketing materials correspond with the amount of lead generation it receives.  High quality photos and exhibits of the subject property are the key to generating web traffic.  Every successful residential real estate agent will tell you this, but the same is true for commercial real estate.  Yet still, a great deal of the commercial listings, at least in the Baton Rouge market, appear neglected and are not accurately and fairly represented by their online presentation.

Syndication Websites Provide Great Value

We currently syndicate our listings through 14 different websites including our company website.  Each one serves a unique purpose and we consistently receive leads from all of them.  In fact, about 80% of our leads come from internet advertising.  As examples, LoopNet is a great site for national exposure, while Catylist is the local commercial broker’s version of the MLS.  On the social media side, theBrokerList does a phenomenal job posting syndicated listings to Twitter and promoting them through email marketing campaigns. Cimls and Rofo have really high traffic and utilize search engine optimization (SEO) which gets listings populated in searches on Google and Yahoo.

Don’t Forget About Craigslist

Craigslist is an extremely powerful and underutilized marketing tool.  We take advantage of it!  It may not necessarily be for big ticket items like Class-A Office space and large development tracts, but Craigslist is perfect for listings which otherwise might not be generating enough leads.  Class-B office tenants and would-be restaurant operators are typically not aware of the same sites that brokers use (many of which require an active membership).  If you currently google “office space for rent in Baton Rouge” the first result that comes up is Craigslist.

Traditional CRE Marketing Still Works

Mailers are another classic example of lead generation that pay dividends.  Our process is simple: first, we identify the subject property’s highest and best use, then we start at the site and work our way out mailing flyers to the managers and owners of businesses that fall into that category.  Mail outs are an excellent ice breaker and prelude to cold calls as well.

If you would like to know more about what we can do to help you sell or lease your property please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Donato Baton RougeAbout Donato – Donato has assisted with site selection and expansion for several national and local brands including restaurants, convenience stores, retailers, medical and general office users, billboard companies, and industrial warehouse tenants. His current specializations are retail leasing, tenant and landlord representation, and marketing. His long term goal is to focus on the brokerage of net leased investment properties nationwide. To contact Donato, you can call him at 225.367.1515 or you can email him at You can also follow him on Twitter at @svngll or on Facebook.

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