Have Five Real Conversations a Day for CRE Success
Have Five Real Conversations a Day for CRE Success

In this technology-ridden, digital world we live in, it is rare to have a true conversation with people and potential clients other than email or text. Think about it – how often are you actually talking to real potential clients? Most likely, these conversations are pretty rare. Since relationships and conversations drive CRE sales and are a major contributor for CRE success, we as brokers should all focus on this goal that our friends at SVN learned about at the annual conference. By talking with five people a day, you will begin to establish new relationships, build on existing relationships, generate new leads, discuss contracts, and ultimately drive up your sales numbers. Below is an excerpt about how to achieve this goal and increase CRE success, written by Solomon Poretsky. After reading the excerpt, be sure to click the green button at the bottom of the page to read the rest of his helpful article.

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Have Five Real Conversations a Day for CRE Success

Conversations Drive Commercial Real Estate Sales

Last night, I had to turn on my electric snow melting mats. Again. In March. So you’ll understand why I’m spending a lot of time this morning thinking about our Annual Conference in San Diego.

And what I’m thinking about is the challenge that our CEO, Kevin Maggiacomo, issued to everyone in the room: Have five real conversations a day, every day.

real conversations for cre success - lady on the phoneMany of you are reading this and thinking that this isn’t a challenge. After all, you talk to 10, 20, 30 people every day, right? As I write this, it isn’t even 7:30 am, I’ve already spoken to 3 people, and I’m not even in a direct sales position anymore!

Let’s look at what Kevin said one more time… “Have five REAL conversations a day, every day.” That one word – real – makes a big difference. A real conversation is one that you have with a person who is truly in a position to sign a listing, lease, or purchase agreement. Real landlords, real owners, real tenants or truly real buyers. To be clear, I define a real buyer as someone who already owns or leases commercial real estate.

And here’s another kicker… If you’re already doing a deal with someone and you have to talk to them anyways, they don’t count.

Now that we’ve narrowed down “real,” THOSE conversations are usually a bit more few and far between. So, if you aren’t talking to five of those people a day, starting to do that will revolutionize your business. And if you can talk to more than five (when I brokered, my goal was 10 and my average was 8!), you’ll do even better…

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