Five Rules for CRE Broker Success
Five Rules for CRE Broker Success

CRE Broker Success Isn’t Rocket Science

cre broker success in baton rougeIt takes hard work and dedication. I’ve fallen a lot since the beginning of my career as a commercial real estate Advisor in Baton Rouge. Honestly, I’ve had a lot of failures in life. The first failure I remember was playing softball when I was eight years-old. My dad had recently retired from the military and, since we moved back to his home state of Louisiana, I didn’t really have any friends at the time. My mom signed me up for softball and every time I got on the field, I struck out. I was so bad that the coach supposedly forgot to call me when practice was changed numerous times. My dad, being the supportive yet tough guy that he is, finally said to me after one particularly bad game, “Kate, you’re terrible at softball. That’s ok though. You’ll find something else you’re great at. Just DO NOT GIVE UP AND ALWAYS FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED.”

So, I played out the rest of the season and have never picked up a ball or bat again. I eventually found swimming and excelled at it. Time went on, competitions passed. I won some, I lost some. It was all good. However, from a young age, I learned something valuable from my dad: even if you fail at something, once you are committed to it, you have to follow it through. Then you can walk away. Just don’t quit. This brings me to something I’ve coined as the Five Ups.

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Get Up. Suit Up. Show Up. Put Up. Shut Up.

My sister, brother and I were all taught the same thing: Get Up. Show Up. Shut Up. Maybe it’s the military in my father, or his fierce determination in everything he does (like trying to get his grandkids to follow him around in a straight line singing some military chant), but my dad always told us those three things. I’ve built on my dad’s philosophy so that it fits my career in CRE: Get Up. Suit Up. Show Up. Put Up. Shut Up.

1. Get Up:

Getting up is half the battle. Seriously. We all know that’s true. Everyone loves sleep and on cold winter days we want to stay in our warm bed instead of going to show a space. When you open your eyes, GET UP and plant your feet on the ground. I have a mantra every morning, “Today is going to be my day, all day.” Call me corny, but it works for me as a commercial real estate Advisor. I rarely have a bad day. I may have a bad 10 minutes, but I rarely have a bad day.  I know it’s because I start off with positive words to myself. Words are powerful and you will what you say… so say it loud and proud.

2. Suit Up:

how to achieve cre broker successWe have had this discussion before, people. SVN EVP of Organizational Development Solomon Peresky touched on this before in an email he sent to all of SVN. I agreed and followed up with an article about the difference between business dress and business slummin’ it. Just like words have power, your clothing does too. So, SUIT UP. If you’re in a fresh pressed suit with your heels scuff free, you feel powerful, you walk taller, you hold your head higher. Suit up Boys and Gals. If you don’t feel like you’re successful at commercial real estate yet (because you will be) just throw on a good suit and tell yourself today will be your day.

3. Show Up:

Just SHOW UP. It’s that simple. Sit at your desk, catch up on news, and talk to your colleagues about what they are working on. Show up at newer CRE developments, ask questions and get some information on it. Show up to real estate networking events and actually NETWORK. Showing up to any and every event you can and search out people in business and it will help make you money. Reach out to the people and to the commercial real estate properties. Show up and get out there.

4. Put Up:

We are all guilty of committing to something and not following through with it. I’m guilty of it, you’re guilty of it…we’re all guilty of it! Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s ok to not go with your friend to buy a new dress… even when they ask you and you accept. However, in business and especially as a CRE Broker where you’re paid to perform a job, YOU MUST PUT UP. a.k.a. put  your money where your mouth is. You have to do what you say you are going to do. Every time. It’s your track record. It’s the resume you’re building with these people aka potential clients. Just do it.

5. Shut Up:

Do not complain about it. Stop. Negativity and complaining aren’t allowed in my workspace. Of course, I’ve done it when I get frustrated at times. I’m only human. Like I said earlier though, words hold power. If you complain about doing something for work or a client, those words will affect how well you do the job/your job. So, hold off on the complaint. Spin it into something positive… even when it’s hard. “Ohh sure I want to drive out to the property for the tenth time today to show it.” Those first nine showings may not go anywhere but maybe the 20th will and you’ll have yourself a purchase. You may not though if you meet the potential buyers at the building and you have a piss poor attitude because you’ve been complaining about it nonstop. Didn’t your mom tell you, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all?”

Be Successful In CRE

I’m not a guru and I’m not to my end goal of my career. However, I have seen a lot happen in my commercial real estate career in the last year. When I reflect on what’s helped get me to this point, I know it’s the 5 Ups.

Stop oversleeping. Stop business wear slummin’ it. Stop being MIA. Stop not following through. Stop complaining (this is probably the most important to me since I hate hearing people complain about what makes them $$$). If you follow the Ups, you’ll watch yourself grow and then realize you can go even further. The world is ours so take it. Get Up. Suit Up. Show Up. Put Up. Shut Up.

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KJAbout Kathryn Juneau – After breaking into Baton Rouge Commercial Real Estate in 2011, Kathryn became licensed in 2013 and began specializing in senior housing. In 2014, Kathryn became and Advisor with SVN | Graham, Langlois & Legendre, LLC. She has represented large users of medical and industrial space in an array of real estate transactions. Kathryn’s reputation of tenaciously protecting her clients’ interest, savvy negotiations and cutting edge marketing strategies have led to numerous closings and returns to her clients. To contact Kathryn, you can email her at, call her at 225-367-1515 or follow her on Twitter at @KatJuneau.


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