Isn’t It Ironic? Millennial Specializes in Senior Housing
Isn’t It Ironic? Millennial Specializes in Senior Housing

A New Way to Think About Senior Housing

As I pointed out in my first post, I work in an ancient industry known as commercial real estate (CRE). Though I’ve only been in CRE for a short amount of time, I represent one of the largest up and coming senior housing companies, Avanti Senior Housing. Is it ironic that a millennial is working in an industry that focuses on our older generation? Not when it comes to Avanti, because Avanti is redeveloping our idea of senior housing.

Say Goodbye to Depressing Retirement Communities

For years, senior housing has remained stale and stagnate. The thought of senior housing brought to mind dull, hospital like rooms with the only entertainment being a weekly game of BINGO or shuffleboard. However, there have been many substantial changes in the senior housing sector in the past couple years as developers have started appealing more to the adult child taking care of their parents. Gone are the listless days of visiting a loved one in a depressing retirement community. Newer developments like Avanti encourage visitors to come and interact with the residents.

Senior Housing Welcomes Modern Amenities and Services

coffee-684456_1920These new amenities appeal to adult children who want their parents to live in the modern world in their retirement. Back when baby boomers were just that, babies, having a spa and coffee shop on every corner and easy access to yoga classes was unheard of. Nowadays, it’s become a sort of necessity in our lives. Companies like Avanti are making services like these readily available in their facilities. They have a team of Barre trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists, hair dressers and even art teachers. These are the amenities that adult children look for as it makes the retirement community more fun to visit and makes you likelier to return.

Wine Lockers! (Keep Reading)

On top of the great people Avanti has working with them, I have two words: wine lockers. Need I say more? I’ll be honest, my mother and I can knock back some wine. I’m not sure if we both simply love wine or if we actually need it to enjoy one each other (JK mom. Love you) but either way, when she is ready to move into an assisted living facility, Avanti will be first on my list for this specific amenity (and, please, don’t judge me while I guzzle my wine alone on Friday night while reading your comments via my couch).

Senior Housing: The Place to Socialize

Set up like a traditional bar and lounge, an Avanti team member will uncork and pour your wine (or any other spirits you provide) for you. Residents of Avanti don’t even have to worry about grabbing an uber to take home (but if they did need a ride, they could hit up the car service provided). They can grab the wine from their lockers, sit down in the lounge, eat in the restaurant and waddle home. Let’s be real though, by the time my parents are headed for assisted living, they aren’t looking forward to seeing their kids anymore, they look forward to seeing their grandkids and Avanti realized this.

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Wifi, Jungle Gym, Gaming Consols and TVs? Yup!

senior housing in baton rougeWe, the adult kids, are chopped liver so they had to add something in for the grandkids. Avanti assembled an “A” team made up of kids whose parents work with or for Avanti. These kids laid out what every other kid would want in the building. First, free wifi throughout the entire building with a strong signal. Ugh, I’m not even a kid and I agree with that one. Next, a state of the art jungle gym. Throw in all the latest gaming consoles and TVs to play them on and well, the grandkids are set. Now the grandkids won’t dread going to visit them. The cheek pinching and wet kisses will be worth it with all the up to date games and features.

Enhanced Medical Attention for the Residents?

Besides killer amenities, let’s talk gadgets. Avanti is one of the first facilities to have tablets for all their team members. Their nurses do not use outdated paper charts, which can lead to confusion and mistakes. They use tablets that are continuously updated with the resident’s information. If your mom had a headache, the onsite nurse would prescribe Tylenol. The next nurse coming through the area could ask her how she was feeling, and if she was still complaining of a headache, the nurse would seek additional medical attention to ensure it doesn’t turn into a life or death situation. I’m sure I’m not the only person who would sleep better at night knowing the nurses caring for my mother had her medical information updated in real time.

Senior Housing Perks That Go the Extra Mile

Besides the nurses using tablets, each resident is also given a tablet that is preloaded with mind games to help keep their minds sharp. Think something along the lines of a Lumosity game. And, although it isn’t necessarily considered a gadget, Avanti is one of the first senior housing developments to use a flameless kitchen. Thats right, you heard me, flameless. A lot of hospitals use flameless these days for numerous reasons the main one being there is no fire… meaning it is less likely to burn the place down. Plus flameless AKA convection kitchens cook faster, retain some nutrients better and take up less room. Oh, and let’s not forget about the price decrease when putting it into your facility.

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Senior Housing is Evolving

The face of senior housing is completely changing, and, contrary to what most people think, it is catering to the adult child. High end senior housing no longer consists solely of crown moulding, granite countertops, restaurant and car service. No. It goes beyond all of the finishes and has become fully interactive with technology to keep our parents healthy and their minds sharp. Although the generations living in these facilities may not have grown up with technology, they are now surrounded by it and it is helping them live longer and happier lives. So, although many of my colleagues may find it ironic to have a millennial specialize in senior housing, I don’t. Like I’ve said before, millennials are changing the face of business. As a millennial who will one day seek care for my parents, it is encouraging that places like Avanti are bringing the outdated senior living dinosaur to the 21st century.

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