The New Office: An Office Space Brokers Guide to CRE Trends
The New Office: An Office Space Brokers Guide to CRE Trends

Our Observations As Office Space Brokers

A lot has changed for the office over the past 30 years. Since physical space is developed for its use, it’s no wonder that office space has evolved so radically, as the manner in which we work has been completely redefined. Autonomous tasks bound to a private office have been replaced with collaborative projects completed from…well, anywhere. These are the days of the cloud. You’re in it, you’re files are in it, you’re co-workers are in it and it doesn’t matter if you’re on a beach in Bali or in a café on Bourbon Street. Office space design trends absolutely affect the sale and lease of office CRE in Baton Rouge and beyond. As experienced office space brokers, we outline what you can expect to see this year and many years ahead.

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Office Space Design Trends

What office space brokers used to seeSVN COO Diane Danielson said it best in her recent talk on 2016 Business Trends at the SVN Annual Conference, “If you can now work from anywhere what value does an office have?” This line of thinking is exactly why office space has been forced to evolve and what we’re seeing as office space brokers is a more flexible office that is designed for employee experience.

Collaborative Work Models

In today’s office, collaboration is the name of the game. Today’s office space designs feature open, shared space that breed teamwork and socialization. Gone are the days of long hallways of private offices and stuffy conference rooms. They have been replaced with workstations that surround an open, shared conference room/work area.

Privacy Is Not Dead

What office space brokers see todayThere are absolutely times a worker needs privacy. Whether it’s a meeting or a phone call, the new office maps out space for seclusion in the form of shared private enclaves. These are small spaces that contain a door, lounge furniture, table, phone and laptop connectivity.

Shared Space

Open, collaborative work environments…with employees from other businesses. Coworking is a huge office space trend that has really taken off in the past few years. Now you can choose how much office space you need and how much you don’t. WeWork, one of the main coworking providers, offers access to flexible workspace, desks, conference rooms and private offices that you can use for the hour, day, week, or however long you need.

Walls Be Damned

Traditional office space: 40% closed space of private offices, 60% open space of secretarial and reception areas. That has changed. Today’s business owners want flexibility and that means a lot less drywall. We now see office space that contains just 17% of closed/private space, which means lower construction and tenant improvement costs. Less drywall = Less money.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

The great thing about office space redesign is that it is more inclusive to the individual needs of a business owner. Whether that means more private enclaves, or a need for office space only 2 days out of the workweek, today’s office space is being designed with options in mind. What kind of office space do you need? We have vast experience as office space brokers in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas and can help you find not only what you want, but also what you need. Contact us today to help you get started.

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