An Advisor’s Take on ICSC: Noticing the SVN Difference
An Advisor’s Take on ICSC: Noticing the SVN Difference

As Advisors with SVN, we know how effective the SVN Difference is, as we apply it directly to our daily commercial real estate operations and work ethic. It means being open, inclusive and innovative and here at SVN | Graham, Langlois and Legendre we live it every day. But what about outside the SVN office, to CRE brokers not part of our organization?  Taylor Gibbons, Associate Advisor and Director of Operations at SVN | Cornerstone, recently attended ICSC RECon and observed just how, well, different, the SVN Difference is in the CRE industry. He talks about his experience at the major retail event in his recent blog post on titled An Advisor’s Take on ICSC: Noticing the SVN Difference. Below find an excerpt from that blog and we encourage you to read the rest of his article by clicking the green button at the bottom of the page.

Experiencing the SVN Difference at ICSC in Las Vegas

Walls, doors, whispering and winks. All of these were present at this year’s ICSC convention. Not that these are in and of themselves bad, but it was these differences that I noticed between our SVN booth and most others.

Our SVN booth was not the biggest, definitely not the most extravagant, but it was packed, well-lit, there were no back rooms for private conversations, or doors to suggest that only someone more important than me can go there.SVN Difference at ICSC

As I walked around, almost 2 years into a Commercial Brokerage career with SVN | Cornerstone in Spokane, WA and my second ICSC, it struck me, that’s another example of our SVN Difference.

Opening Closed Doors: The SVN Difference



We aren’t about walls and doors or whispering and winks. We are about visible opportunities and “sky’s the limit” access to information with our culture of collaboration…

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