Project REAP Promotes Diversity in the CRE Industry
Project REAP Promotes Diversity in the CRE Industry

Project REAP And Community Involvement

We at SVN Graham, Langlois and Legendre believe it’s important to be involved in our local Baton Rouge community. For that very reason, along with other SVN Advisors around the nation, we make a point to support the community as often as we are able. In the expert below, SVNIC COO Diane Danielson talks about Project REAP, which is a necessary and crucial program for the CRE industry. We are proud to say we are part of a company that supports Project REAP in the training and development of the underrepresented minorities within the community. Not only is it a “Good thing to do,” but as Danielson points out, supporting this project, “gives us access to diverse talent that more fully represents our prospective clients.” It’s a win-win situation. The underrepresented minorities get training and development and SVN is able to recruit talented individuals who can help strengthen our effectiveness as a company.

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Recently, I was asked by Project REAP (Real Estate Associates Program) President and Executive Director, Gregg McCort, to contribute to their ad campaign. Project REAP provides underrepresented minorities with access to commercial real estate firms through classes and connections to sponsor firms and supporters. Each year, several of our SVN® Advisors and Experts participate as instructors and even recruit Project REAP talent. When Gregg asked me if I could say a few words about why we support Project REAP for the campaign, it was simple. Diversity is good business.

Project REAP

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“The Sperry Van Ness (SVN) organization has always taken an innovative approach to separate itself in the brokerage business. As COO, I knew that repeating past hiring practices would not serve us in the future where our clients would demand greater multicultural representation. Sperry Van Ness International Corp. (SVNIC) supports REAP because it gives us access to diverse talent that more fully represents our prospective clients. More than promoting diversity and inclusion, REAP introduces our brand to accomplished professionals who can solve problems, create opportunities and open new doors. Investigate the benefits REAP can bring to your company. Because great talent leads to greater success.”

I caught up with Gregg earlier this week for a brief interview. As a longtime supporter of Project REAP, the SVN organization stands to benefit from learning more about the initiative.

1. What is Project REAP?  ….

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