How Sturdy Are the Legs Under Your Commercial Real Estate Business?
How Sturdy Are the Legs Under Your Commercial Real Estate Business?

Tony Veldkamp, CCIM is one of our friends from the SVN Commercial Advisory Group. I was intrigued when I read the title of his blog post, and then I couldn’t stop reading it until I reached the end. He gives three very good points on how to really work on improving your business. His points were written for the commercial real estate industry, but I would take them one step further, and say they are applicable for professionals in most industries. If you’re a commercial broker, you should strongly consider working on these three aspects of your personal business. Also, if your commercial clients are just starting their own businesses, and looking to you for assistance, it might be an added value for you to share these tips with them. After all, their success leads to greater success for you as well; right? Do you want to know about the three things Tony talked about for improving your business? Read on!

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Tony-VeldkampThe point of any business is to provide an income to live, pay your bills, support your family and support your favorite charity.  Commercial real estate agents work with businesses and investors every day to help them build and grow their businesses or their incomes through investment.  Our business is to help their businesses.

To help others, you have to help yourself first.  We have all seen the safety video on an airplane that says: “Please, put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others.”  So what are you doing to help yourself build and grow your CRE business?  What are you doing to build your business before you go out and help others with their businesses?  We all spend time working IN our CRE businesses, but what are you going to do in 2016 to work ON your business?

I had young agent in my office the other day looking to join my brokerage. In telling her how to be successful in commercial real estate, I started listing the things that she could begin working on to build her business.  I realized that there are three main categories that a CRE professional needs to master to be successful.  Sort of like the three legs on a stool.  Even experienced professionals, who have been at this for many years, can look at these three areas, or legs, and figure out what they are weak in and to try to focus improvement on.

The first area or leg is the market.  This seems simple enough and most..

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commercial real estate advisor bio

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