The Summer Season: Setting Yourself Up For Success
The Summer Season: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Monday, June 20, 2016… the first official day of summer! With all the excitement of family vacations, cruises, and time off work, we can’t forget that the summer is your time as a commercial real estate professional to set yourself up for success. Many CRE brokers think nobody does CRE business in the summertime, so why push for it? Solomon Poretsky, Executive Vice President of Organizational Development at SVN, wrote about the importance of the summer season to your yearly CRE success. This article will provide you with some great ideas on how to reach potential clients and get deals prepared to close during the summer for the busier months. After reading the excerpt below, make sure to click the green button at the bottom to read the full article on the SVN website.

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The Summer Season: Setting Yourself Up For Success

When I picked up my kids from preschool, I noticed that just about every pair of snow boots was gone. (That’s right, in Minnesota, we keep snow boots handy well into May!). Summer is upon us. And, soon, you’ll hear people making the usual excuses for taking it easy:

  • No one does business
  • All of the clients are on vacation
  • I can’t make money

And they’re all untrue.

Now, let me be clear. If you want to take it easy this summer and can afford to, go for it. It’s your business and your choice. However, if you want to solidify your year and maximize your chances of going to Partners Circle, it’s time to buckle down. Think it won’t work? Well, let’s work backwards….

  1. December is, by far, the busiest month of the year for sales.
  2. Deals that close in December go under contract in September or October.
  3. Deals that go under contract in September and October usually get listed somewhere between July and September.
  4. Deals that get listed between July and September usually come from client contacts between June and September.

What does this mean? In brief, summer sets up the best month of the year…

Summer Season


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