What is a CCIM?
What is a CCIM?

CCIM – Certified Commercial Investment Member

ccimAs a young agent many years ago, I worked for a group of guys who prided themselves on obtaining commercial real estate designations…specifically the prestigious CCIM designation. As a “new to business broker” I had no idea what the designation meant nor did I truly understand its benefits. Being a CRE millennial, or an “old millennial” as the young advisors in my office now call me, I took to the World Wide Web in search of answers. Follow along as I discuss what a CCIM is and my experience with it.


According to the official CCIM website, the CCIM designation stands for Certified Commercial Investment Member. Their definition is as follows: “the CCIM lapel pin denotes that the wearer has completed advanced coursework in financial and market analysis, and demonstrated extensive experience in the commercial real estate industry.” Designees of this title are recognized as leading experts within the commercial real estate industry.

ccim classYou Have to Work for it

Each of the classes for CCIM designation are one week long. They are taught by some of the brightest real estate minds in the business. To earn the designation, one has to take four week-long classes, many of which are offered throughout the United States. And unlike so many of the watered down real estate designations, this specification requires a portfolio of work to earn the pin. In other words, you actually have to successfully sell and/or lease commercial real estate before you can earn the title.

My Personal CCIM Experience

Earning my CCIM designation took two years to accomplish. My portfolio included ten deals totaling more than $10 million in sales/leases. I chose to take the classes that were offered in New Orleans, LA., which is a short drive from my commercial real estate office here in Baton Rouge, LA. I still keep up with my CCIM colleagues and have closed deals with several of them. Like me, many have gone on to open their own commercial real estate offices.

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The CCIM designation is more than just four letters behind my name. It proves to my colleagues, clients and others in the real estate world that I put in the time and hard work to craft my financial, marketing and investment analysis skills. This type of designation is held by fewer than 15% of the commercial real estate practitioners in my immediate market.


Justin Langlois, CRE Advisor in Baton RougeAbout Justin Langlois – Justin serves as Managing Director of the commercial real estate brokerage firm he helped launch, SVN | Graham, Langlois & Legendre, LLC, in Baton Rouge. A few of his strengths include sales and leasing, representation, site selection and lease negotiation. Justin is experienced working with many types of real estate, but when it comes to his specialization, he focuses on working with multi-family and hospitality real estate projects. If you would like to reach out to Justin, you can call him at 225-367-1515, email him at justin.langlois@svn.com or follow him on Twitter at .


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