What I’ve Learned in my First Year as a CRE Agent
What I’ve Learned in my First Year as a CRE Agent


Real Estate is a tangible asset. A tangible thing that people can see. Most people are even willing to take the time out of their day to talk about it. In fact, most of the time, a CRE agent will spend numerous hours every day giving free advice to those willing to listen.

We Give Free Advice and Get Paid on Commission

I mentioned the word FREE but did not necessarily mean that in a negative way, I love my new career and am happy to talk to people about something that I’m passionate about. However, it’s a fact…we give a lot of free advice. Our agents work on commission and the commission does not get paid unless the deal closes. Whether you’re representing the buyer, seller, lessee or lessor; many things have to come together in order for you to get the ball across the finish line.  Commercial Real Estate is NOT for the faint of heart and NOT for the impatient. It’s ALL about the client and you’re on their time not yours. I only hope that I remember that advice ten to twenty years from now if I’m still in this business.

Tips to Remember For Every CRE Agent

Tips from a CRE AgentIn hopes of keeping your attention, I am going to wrap up this post with a list the 5 most important things I learned this year and would like to pass on to the “new CRE agent” or even the “Ole Boy” whose been doing it for 30 years. I think both could benefit.

  • Shut up and Listen
  • Put the client’s best interest before your own
  • Work hard! But remember: It’s a marathon not a sprint
  • You will learn something new everyday and you will never know it all!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions

My Closing Advice

I truly hope that each up and coming CRE agent has the privileged of working at a CRE brokerage like mine. I truly am lucky to be working with a group of leaders who want to see us all succeed. If you’re planning on getting your real estate license, I suggest you interview with multiple groups and choose the one that fits “You” best; not the one that is the most prestigious or highly sought after. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but this is mine. Thanks for reading.

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commercial real estate advisor bio
Tony Collins CRE Broker in Baton RougeAbout Troy Collins –
Since graduating from Louisiana State University, in 2014, Troy has worked with SVN Graham, Langlois & Legendre. He is entering his second year in the profession and is quickly gaining valuable experience from some of SVN’s finest brokers and advisors. Troy aspires to be a success in the industry by working solely for client’s best interests-by creating value for his investors, turning new relationships into long term clients, and offering nothing less than the best quality of service. If you would like to contact Troy, you can call him at 225-367-1515, email him at troy.collins@svn.com or follow him on Twitter at .


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