Why the Millennial CRE Broker Matters to Your Business
Why the Millennial CRE Broker Matters to Your Business

All of us in the industry can agree that commercial real estate has been seeing some very good years and 2016 is expected to be yet another excellent year for the CRE Broker. Though it’s been an exciting and fruitful time for investments across every sector, it’s been one full of uncertainty for CRE Brokerage as a career choice.

NREI Online reports that more than 65% of senior leaders in the industry will retire by 2020. This begs the question; do we have enough experienced and talented young professionals to take over in their absence? Now more than ever the industry must start focusing on hiring (and keeping) the future leaders of tomorrow…a.k.a. Millennials.

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Career Report on the Millennial CRE Broker

Report on the millennial cre broker

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In order to successfully add new young, professional CRE Brokers to your team you have to understand what they want, and what they don’t. What are they looking for from their employer? What work environments do they prefer? What do they think about non-salaried jobs? Do they prefer to work independently or as a team?

The SVN platform has always championed diversity in the industry and strives to see more women, minorities and young professionals in commercial real estate. In order to make this a reality late last year they surveyed hundreds of Millennials to learn what they want from their future employers and how they feel about commission-based jobs.

The result is The Millennial Commercial Real Estate Career Report. Authored by SVN COO Diane Danielson, the report outlines 10 specific recommendations for hiring a Millennial CRE Broker, along with supporting data. A must read for any business owner in the industry. To view and download the free report click HERE.

A Team of Millennial Baton Rouge CRE Brokers

At SVNGLL we attack all of our CRE deals with energy, offering dynamic solutions and outcomes for our clients. We would not be able to do this without some (seriously) talented young professionals on our team. Not only do they keep us on our toes, they offer unique perspectives for both their clients and industry peers.

Check out some of those perspectives here:

If you don’t know, you need to know…Millennials are the future of CRE and as an industry to we need to realize how important that is. If you have any questions about how we hired such awesome GenY-ers, reach out and we can talk about it over a coffee.

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