Reorganizing vs. Relocating a Business

relocating a business

Relocation, Operation Analysis & Space Efficiency

Relocating a Business & Space Efficiency

Relocating can be a great way to shake things up and in a good way! Underutilization of space, poor locations, and inconvenient and inefficient space layouts are a leading cause for company disruption and potential economic cost. Paying too much in rent? Not using your space or need more? Let us help analyze your company costs and operations to understand your business and the cost it takes to operate a company including rent. We can help you discover if your company is wasting money on unused space or suffering from a change in value due to its physical location. We will do a complete analysis to assess the pros & cons of finding you a new home or how to better maximize your existing space.

An SVN | Infinity tenant representative will guide you through the commercial real estate process and negotiation, from the comprehensive letter of intent and to the purchase & sale agreement. Continued involvement insurers all negotiated terms are translated to a lease or sale document.


Finding a New Business Building

Relocating does not need to be a hassle. When working with SVN | Infinity Commercial Real Estate, we work hard to find exactly what you are looking for. We like to get a good understanding of your business’ operations, your needs, and your potential areas of growth. When we analyze your business, we are able to get a full picture of what your true needs are and the best course of action.

Relocating a Business vs. Reorganizing

Relocating is not always the solution. Space efficiency and inadequate use of existing space is the most common mistake we see clients making. Sometimes it isn’t always the space that needs to go, but instead how you are using the space. We like to take a step back and look at your current existing uses for your commercial space and work with you to find alternative uses to maximize your operations.

Relocating Your Business

When it comes to finding your new commercial warehouse or office space, we have you covered! Check out or Brokerage Services to see all that we offer. At SVN | Infinity, we understand the needs and strains on a business. With that being said, we work to find a solution that best fits your demands. When you allow us to analyze your business operations and by providing us with your long-term roadman, we are able to best create a course of action that will guide us to finding the most efficient and best solution for you and your business. If you need help with relocating your business, please feel free to contact us.

4 Reasons to Offer Leasing Services

Office space for lease

Why Offer Leasing Services?

Commercial real estate is a multi-faceted business, and has several distinct income streams. However, not every broker or brokerage offers leasing assistance. There are sales and management, and leasing services. The leasing process is a great way to start to build your CRE business and learn the nuts and bolts of the industry.

1. Leasing services are the building block of investment properties

It is best to learn how the lease affects the property’s financial picture. Some of these factors are the base rent and annual rent increases, the term of the lease, and renewal options. Additionally, the operating costs pass-throughs, signage rights, expansion options, termination rights, parking requirements and numerous other property rights that affect the value, purchase, and sale of a property. Clearly, there are many building blocks for commercial real estate.

2. Leasing boosts careers

Leasing services provide a source of commission revenue for the “new-to-business broker” and a way to build lasting business through relationships with companies and tenants. Many successful brokers spend their entire career in leasing. And why not? The leasing market is in a constant state of movement.  Leases expire every three to five years on average, which creates opportunity in the market to work with landlords to lease space, or engaging in tenant representation. In conclusion, offering leasing assistance can help boost the career of commercial brokers.


Investment Properties

3. Leasing property creates a need for signage and branding.

Every property for lease requires signage. Signs can help generate leads, showings at the property, and even tenant representation opportunities. Additionally, the branding afforded from leasing creates a presence in the market, which then can lead to other leasing opportunities, along with sales and management opportunities.

4. Leasing services create market experts

Strong knowledge of the leasing market creates outstanding market knowledge that establishes the broker as a market expert. With that being said, when brokers offer leasing services, they will get to know the market very well.

Remember this: Not only is leasing a cornerstone of the commercial real estate business, but it is also profitable. So, it is an excellent service to offer your clients.

Adding Leasing to Service Offerings

commercial leasing

Is leasing included in your firm’s service offerings? There are several excellent reasons to include leasing as part of your brokerage services. Following are three main reasons:

Why Should You Include Leasing to Your Service Offerings

 Increase market presence  (or, it’s all about signage)

A great reason to include leasing to your service offerings is to build your market presence. Lease listings provide the opportunity to place many more signs in your market and help establish a visible presence. Your signs promote your name and the SVN brand throughout your market.

Generate sale opportunities

Lease listings sometimes turn into sale opportunities as they offer built-in opportunities to establish ongoing, long-term relationships with landlords.  When it comes time to sell, you are already “top of mind” for that conversation.

Deepen your CRE expertise

There are a great number of details involved in promoting lease spaces, conducting leasing deal negotiations and transactions, and in creating leasing documents. Mastering this important dimension of commercial real estate contributes greatly to the “encyclopedic knowledge” that characterizes effective advisors.

Why Including Leasing in Your Service Offerings?

In conclusion, adding leasing to your service offerings is a great idea for multiple reasons. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions for us! We would be more than happy to help you.