Commercial Real Estate Law & Tax Appeals

Since 1989, Mark Zvibleman has helped his clients not just as a broker, but also as an attorney. Legal issues can come from any transaction and it is important to have a knowledgeable and successful commercial real estate lawyer. Mark A. Zvibleman Law Firm can bring you and your firms transaction or dispute piece of mind knowing that you are working with an experience attorney who can not only negotiate on your behalf, but represent you in the court of law.

Commercial Real Estate Law

As an attorney, Mark represents clients from commercial to cooperate, helping when needed with matters that may arise for purchase and sales of commercial real estate, contract and other disputes, fraud and other issues that come along with commercial real estate. Mark A. Zvibleman Law Firm is here to help you settle your issues and find the quickest resolution possible.

commercial real estate lawMissouri – Illinois Attorney

Mark is licensed to practice law in Missouri and Illinois and has represented numerous clients with litigation and other commercial real estate cases. Because of the attorney-brokerage advantage, SVN | Infinity Commercial Group has helped numerous clients easily navigate the process of buying and obtaining commercial real estate. Mark A. Zvibleman Law Firm offers a wide array of legal services as each project is unique and deserves attention and expertise. Allow us to handle your commercial real estate legal necessities in Missouri or Illinois.

Commercial real estate law encompasses a
spectrum of categories (services)

  • Leases & Sales of Commercial Real Estate
  • Office/warehouse/industrial Development, Acquisition, Build, and Sale
  • Receivership and Bankruptcy
  • Claim, Liens and Compliance
  • Client Representation

Commercial Real Estate Property Tax Appeals

Commercial property is often assessed at higher tax rates that residential and with property assessments occurring every two years. Property value in the past few years have been overinflated and extremely high. As experts in the field, we utilize a variety of measures to asses the true values of a property, similar to a commercial appraisal. In addition, by performing a cash flow analysis and representing the true NOI to the taxes authorities, we have an opportunity to get taxes lowered even further.

Missouri Real Estate Tax Appeals

The St. Louis County, like other municipality assessors, have over exercised their taxing authority but by appealing, we have an opportunity to reduce your property taxes. In the past few years, the Greater St. Louis Area has seen 17%+ increases on property. You are over paying. Saving even 5% on your taxes, although clients have seen as high as 40% reduction in tax assessments, can change your operation and margins. We are here to save you money and make sure that you are doing all you can to pay what is fair and just, not to be at the mercy of county or city assessors ability to demand higher or unjust taxation on your property!

Our Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Promise

SVN | Infinity Commercial Group has extensive experience in commercial real estate practices. Mark regularly represents real estate property and business owners in the courtroom and experience is the differentiator. Commercial real estate preceding’s happen all the time and the unfortunate likelihood of the need for legal action looms. Having someone at the table who knows what they are talking about and can easily navigate most legal troubles will remove barriers and obstacles that might otherwise delay or disrupt the acquisition or commercial real estate process. We give full priority to our clients and ensure that we understand your needs and do everything in our power to bring ease and resolutions to your legal or commercial real estate needs.

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